The purpose of the Deer and Tick Committee, which was appointed by the Town Board, is to develop strategies to maintain a healthy deer population and to eliminate tick borne diseases.

The Deer
Deer and Cars
Feeding Deer
Deer Resistant Plants
Deer Head infested with Ticks, July 2006

Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases
Protection against Ticks
If you are bitten
What the Town is doing
Life Cycle of Ticks
Dealing with Ticks Brochure (pdf)

The 4-Poster System
The 4 Poster System
4-Poster Brochure (pdf)
Department of Agriculture Presentation

Public Commentary
Deer and Tick Committee Report
Prose and Comments, Dr. William Zitek
Prose and Comments, Patricia Shillingburg

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Stop Ticks on People
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