Shelter Island, Long Island, New York

In honor of our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afganistan, this flag will fly at half staff until they return home. We ask what we can do, and in my small way, this is what I am doing.
Patricia Shillingburg
May 28, 2007

  North Ferry
  South Ferry
  Cross Sound Ferry
  North Fork Espress
  Hampton Jitney
  LI Railroad








The Nicolls of Sachem's Neck NOW Available at the Historical Society

and at


Sachem's Neck, home of the Nicoll family, Web Site with lots of new history added regularly

The Dering Letters (consists of 762 letters written from 1734 to 1838. They are business and family letters and about 30% of them were written by the women of the family.)

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3




  Birdworks. Inc.
"We're All About Birds!"

Tom Damiani and Susan Cincotta

Amanda Clark
Shelter Island 's 
Champion Sailor

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