Wednesday was a Red Letter Day:
1920 and 1921 Negotiations
to bring a regular double ended ferry service
to the Island year round

by Patricia and Edward Shillingburg © 2005

In early 1920, ferry service from Shelter Island to Greenport, eight months of the year, was by launch only. Vehicles, including cars and wagons drawn by horses, were transported on scows lashed to the launches. For the four Summer months, the double ended ferry, the Menantic, plied the route. Winter residents did not feel well served. Then the Shelter Island and Greenport Ferry Company announced that it was building a new smaller double ended ferry, to be called the Poggatticut, that would be economical to run and able to break the ice that often visited the Greenport Channel ib the depths of Winter. Voters petitioned the Town Board to build a slip for the new ferry at the end of State Road in Dering Harbor, and negotiations between the Town and the Ferry Company began. It took nearly two years before the Poggatticut would enter the Town slip. This is the story of the negotiations.

Relief in Sight
Where's the lease?
The Poggatticut
No Communication
Question of Equity
The Vote
Finally, Negotiations
Construction Begins
Red Letter Day!