The Creation of the Community House

Throughout the 1920's a group of energized women on Shelter Island, a penny at a time, raised the funds to create a community house. This is their story.

The 1923 Community Cookbook
Compiled by the ladies of the Communnity Club (PDF)

A Community House:
A Dream

1924 - 1925:
Card Parties, Cake Sales and a Plot of Land

1926 - 1927:
Dances, Minstrels and Plays

1928 - 1929:
Plans Drawn and Construction Begins

First Half of 1930:
An All Out Push for Funds

Second Half of 1930:
Opening Ceremonies

January 1931:
Basketball, Miniature Golf and a Mortgage

February - June 1931:
Parties, Parties and Parties

Second Half of 1931:
Dances, Radio and Talking Movies

Fall of 1931:
More Movies