The Augustus Keller House
Shelter Island Heights, New York
Designed by Charles E. Brigham of Boston
with Friezes by Nicholas Briganti

by Patricia and Edward Shillingburg ©2003

    In late 1907, a New York City publisher, who had just released a 15 volume edition of the works of Oscar Wilde (1854 -1900), bought a plot of land from the Shelter Island Heights Association and hired the highly regarded Boston architect Charles E. Brigham and local contractor Charles W. Reeve to build a house.
    In the 95 years since it was constructed, the house of Augustus Ralph Keller and his wife Florence at 10 Bay Avenue has had only four owners and each, it seems, has been committed to maintaining its integrity.

The house, the architect and the builder
The first owners: The Kellers
The second owners: The Steins and the Riverhead Savings Bank
The third owners: The Burlingames
The fourth owners: The Hoffmans


The House in 1910
Briganti Frieze in the Library
Briganti Frieze in the Diningroom