Island History Revisited
Accumulated work of Patricia and Edward Shillingburg who were honored in 2006 by the Shelter Island Historical Society for their contribution to the Island's historical records. All stories were written by the Shillingburgs unless otherwise specified.
Island History
Early History
Frederick Chase (2006) Part of Summer Series 2006
What the first Manor House may have looked like, 2001
A Place Called Prospect: 1836-1876 2004

Frederick Chase and a Place called Prospect 2003
The Provisioning Plantation: 1652-1693: Slavery as the Economic Engine, 2001

31 Island Farmers and Mariners Served the Union in the Civil War, 2002

Settlers of the East End, 2003 
William Halsey Related Civil War Experiences. 2002 The Disposition of Slaves on the East End of Long Island from 1680 to 1796, 2003
Henry Howard Preston Had Civil War Wound that Never Healed, 2002 Old Houses Trail - built before 1870
Updated 2002

The Accounting of the Reverend Thomas Harries as General Guardian of David Harries Young of Shelter Island, 2003 Summer Stories
Tour of houses and their occupants on Shelter Island in 1870,  by Ralph Duvall 2002 Activities around Dering Harbor from 1873 to 1910 (2002)
The First Double Ended Ferry: The Menantic, 1893-1920 2005 Frank Marion Smith, The Borax King 2003
Memories of his father's store, Griffing & Young, and Bridge Street in the early 1900s, by Thomas Young, Sr., 2002
Jonathan Preston's Will: An Incompetency Dispute Divides a Town, 2003 The Heights
Wednesday was a Red Letter Day: 1920 and 1921 negotiations to bring regular double ended ferry service to the Island year round. 2005 The Hoagland Brothers 2003
Community House (2006) Part of Summer Series 2006
James Llewellyn Hutchinson, Circus Man 2003
Gregory S. Taylor (2006) Part of Summer Series 2006
Augustus Keller House, 1908 2003
The Rocky Point Avenue Extension:
A Case Study in Opportunities Given, Taken
and Lost 2003
Conklin's Dock by Waldo Kraemer, 2002
The Farmer's Cooperative 2002 The Heights, 1920 - 1946 2005 Summer Series 2005

Off Island Stories
An Introduction to Jonathan Havens Case Civil War Letters, 2002 Roosevelt's Military Commission to try spies began on local beach, 2002